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New Cleaning Team joins ISH family 

Here at ISH, we know that for us to stay healthy and safe, we must be in harmony with our environment. Behind the scenes, there are those who work hard to ensure that learning at school, our day-to-day activities, our work in our offices and school events all run as smoothly as possible. As we rush off possibly to complete our to-do lists of the day, we sometimes stop and say hallo but today we take the time to know and appreciate these valued members of our community.

New cleaning team joins ISH family

After years of outsourcing cleaning services, ISH is now one of the few international schools in Germany to acquire a full in-house team. Nicole Koller, who is now the Cleaning Officer of the ISH Facilities Team has polish roots, is married and has three children. She has had multiple years of experience with cleaning corporations and will be heading a team of fifteen, coordinating and ensuring the smooth running of the cleaning department. She will be sharing an office with our new House Technician, Andrè Kinzel in the west wing.  

Bekim Redzepi, Nicole’s assistant, has been with ISH for 10 years. He is originally from North Macedonia, has two children and has also worked at the old school campus in Othmarschen. Some of the team members have been around while others are new. They all have previous work experience including working as cleaners in hospitals here in Germany. They come from more than 6 different countries, much in line with the ISH's overall diversity of cultures in its student and teaching body.


The cleaning department has now been fully implemented. Special new cleaning equipment and materials suitable for the school building and facilities have been acquired and all relevant duties assigned. 

Nicole and Bekim say that working at ISH has always been a joy. Community members have been kind and appreciative and always made them feel special. They say that to be fully part of ISH as opposed to working for an outsourced company as before gives them the motivation to do their utmost best, guarantees efficiency and increases their ability to ensure that individual and communal workspaces are spick and span. We thank them in advance and wish them all the best here at ISH.