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Personal Project Virtual Exhibition

The Personal Project is at the heart of the MYP and it is the culmination of the inquiry process in Middle School. Planning for the Personal Project exhibition is one of favourite things to do as the students are able to showcase their thinking, creativity and self-management skills. In particular it gives them the choice to design how they would like to present their achievements. Even though feelings of tiredness and exhaustion were intensified this year due to Covid-19, we felt it was very important that we switched things up and presented our Grade 10s products in a Virtual Personal Project Exhibition.

The Grade 10s through grit and determination learned new Google Suite skills by using Google Sites to embed videos, format their webpages and upload content. This resulted in an exhibition where their exhibits were divided up according to their chosen Global Contexts.

 I am sure you will be excited to explore the Grade 10s passions, how they investigated this to develop a meaningful outcome, and be astounded by the quality and variety of this year's work by visiting the exhibition: http://bit.ly/personalprojectish 

Des O’Sullivan - Personal Project Coordinator


What Do Our Students Say?

The personal project was really tough, but I’m glad that I had the opportunity to take part in it. This year, we had to do things quite differently due to covid-19. We weren’t able to have an exhibition in person, which made it difficult to collect feedback and connect with people about our projects. But despite these obstacles, we all managed to pull through and complete our projects to a standard that we were happy with. The personal project really opened up a lot of room for creativity and critical thinking, which will definitely help when it comes to completing the IB Diploma. It also gave us an opportunity to learn a lot more about each other as I was introduced to a lot of talents that I didn’t know my classmates had. Overall, I’m really glad that I was able to take part. Despite this not being a ‘normal’ school year, I think that everything went extremely well. 


I think that the personal project was a really good learning experience for all of us. I think the most difficult part of this whole project was managing our time and our different tasks that we had to complete in order to keep up with the deadlines. Although it was a lot of work we had to put in, this has been very beneficial to work on my self-management skills and to become better at planning for things in the future. Personally, I also think that the personal project is one of the most important things that will help be successful in the IB diploma. This project did get stressful at times but in the end, not only did I gain a lot of experience, I also got to be very proud of the work I have achieved in these six months and in my final project.


The personal project was definitely a quite demanding process, littered with challenges and areas of difficulty, but also with rewards, opportunities and achievements. Without ever having attempted a similarly rigorous task before, we each endeavored to succeed in a project that encompassed our passions and personal goals. I know I speak for many of us when I say that at the beginning, it wasn’t easy, and I know I was certainly apprehensive about the imminent tasks: setting a goal we were truly interested in, and in which we would invest six months of our time, seemed quite daunting, and the thought of executing the final goal was almost unfathomable at the beginning of the process. However, as time progressed, and we each worked conscientiously on building our process journal, filled with brainstorms, reflections and plans, the small individual pieces of the project we were at first all worried about seemed to fall into place almost automatically. And as each criteria, each stage  of the project was completed, we felt more and more confident that we were on the right track. In the end, and, judging by the personal project exhibition website, I’m assured that everyone has completed an accomplished personal project of which they are truly proud of. The opportunity of pursuing the personal project has allowed me to thoroughly develop my time-management and planning skills, as well as learning to become a better communicator and critical thinker. The learning experience that the personal project offered us facilitated personal growth in all aspects of the IB learner profile, and served as excellent preparation for the IB programme next year.