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Rachel is a published writer!

14th March, 2018

Outstanding Student Achievement at the International School of HamburgRachel Lopez, a pleasant soft-spoken young woman in Grade 8, is a published writer! She lights up when she talks about poems and how creative writing has had a huge impact in her life. At a time when young people are struggling as teenagers, she comes across as a very bright and mature student. Her communication is very clear - written or spoken, backed up by good sources of information she has analysed.

However, just as any other teenager, she has had a few struggles and concerns. Her uncle Mark, who is a published writer, inspired her and suggested to her about writing down her thoughts. 

“My thoughts go into scribbles which make them more tangible,” she explained. These writings and scribbles soon became poems written over a period of time. “At first, my poems were dark and weird but got better as I wrote more and more,” she says, “and writing makes me feel relieved because it takes on a new shape in poetry, something that can be inspiring to others for years to come.”

Her published book, Hidden In These Lies, as she puts it, is a place where her experiences and dreams reside in the form of verse. It’s slightly over a hundred pages with accompanying illustrations that she created and well worth a read. Rachel has already spoken in detail about the book and its poems in her classrooms and a special display is in the school library. She is already working on writing more books of poems and short stories.

I asked her what the challenges are in creative writing and where she gets help from and she said that she is an avid reader and listens to all genres of music for lyrical input. She also finds ISH teachers very helpful and committed and appreciates the school’s resources.

Her book can be found on Amazon.

Hidden In These Lies: There is Truth to be Told in this Collection of Stories, Some Real, Even if Some are not

Well done, Rachel!

Written by Njoki Gülzow