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The 2020 Volunteers of the Year Awards

This year the PTA Board has recognised three members of the ISH community instead of one with the “Volunteer of the Year award.” The year 2019/2020 was a very busy year that had the usual annual events as well as fund raising activities that supported both local and global initiatives amongst them Kids4Kids, saving forests and animals in Australia. The PTA and staff members, supported by volunteers in our community ensure that these events can take place. From the planning and organising, the logistics behind them, food catering, setting and clearing up, our volunteers are tireless and go beyond expectations in giving their time and efforts. There are many worthy candidates who are all highly appreciated and the ISH community acknowledges how crucial and important they all are. It is the ISH community spirit. The Volunteers of the Year, by unanimous agreement are Mrs. Hayley Mackinlay, Mrs. Nina Seth and Mrs. Anne Lapins.

ISH staff, the PTA and the community express our appreciation and gratitude to the three of them wholeheartedly. Congratulations, Mrs. Lapins, Mrs. Seth and Mrs. Mackinlay! 

Volunteer of the Year Award 2020 goes to Mrs. Hayley MacKinlay at the International School of Hamburg

Mrs. Hayley Mackinlay, is well known for the phrase, “Count me in!”. Despite the fact that she is undertaking a full time study course and is a mother of young children, Mrs. Mackinlay volunteers for class presentations, bake sales and is untiring in her support of Australia’s participation in events here at ISH. Thank you, Mrs. Mackinlay! 

 Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Mrs. Nina Seth at the International School of Hamburg

Mrs. Nina Seth, also a mother to young children is a Class Parent Representative, a role that comes with managing all issues between parents and school, attending meetings with the school management, welcoming new families and acquainting them with other parents, organising social events for parents, meeting the class teacher regularly and assisting with class trips and special holidays. Mrs. Seth is all that and more. She's involved in school-wide events, Strategic Planning Design Team and continues to ensure the well-being of students in all aspects of their social and academic lives. Thank you, Mrs. Seth!

 Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Mrs. Anne Lapins at the International School of Hamburg

Mrs. Anne Lapins is the outgoing PTA Chair and one short summary wouldn’t do much justice to her volunteering time here at ISH. She is always hard at work planning and organising annual events including Welcome Family BBQ, International Fair, Staff Appreciation Luncheon, Summerfest, initiatives like Strategic Planning Design Team, Dragons’ Den and more importantly she has the leading role of facilitating good communication between parents, teachers and the community and to support ISH efforts that secure the optimum benefit to the students’ academic, social and physical wellbeing. Thank you, Mrs. Lapins!

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