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'The Wall of Intolerance' - Breaking it Down

In January, students and teachers in the Secondary School have made Empathy their focus. Our team of teachers facilitated lessons to gain an understanding of what empathy is and what it looks like, practised ways to be more understanding through role-play, and identified the meaning of intolerance, bullying, and isolation. These lessons gave students a forum to discuss experiences they have had in the past, whether it be outside of school, at a previous school, or at ISH, and whether they were the victim or the perpetrator. 

Junior School students setting up the Wall of Tolerance at the International School of Hamburg
The Wall of intolerance at the International School of Hamburg

As a product of these lessons, students and teachers designed together a physical display called 'The Wall of Intolerance', which was stationed in our foyer for several weeks now. Both student and teacher were free to add their own contribution to the wall, in the form of a "brick". On this brick, they shared an experience that made them feel vulnerable due to the actions of another. Seeing the wall grow each week encouraged students to speak more openly about their struggles and to practise empathy and kindness within the ISH community. 

The Wall of Tolerance at the International School of Hamburg
Secondary School Wall of Tolerance at the International School of Hamburg

On Wednesday the 27th of February, our Secondary students spent their tutor group sessions analysing brick by brick, reflecting on the experiences of others and the ways in which they could improve their own actions in future. Following this, the Secondary School organised a wonderful 'Mix It Up' lunch event in the cafeteria and the foyer, including games, table-talk starters, and music. Students practised “mixing it up” to interact with students of different grades and friend circles.