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On March 27, ISH hosted its 2019 IB Visual Art Exhibition, The Remarkables. Organised by Mr. Anderson and his assistant Ms. Plagge, the exhibition showcased the final projects of our Grade 12 Visual Art students, and the culmination of two years of work under the IB Diploma Visual Arts course. Students could pick whichever theme or idea they wished to pursue over the two years. Often, the path of their work evolved naturally as the artists discovered their focus point. Each student was required to provide some level of research, as well as references to other artists that inspired them, as evidence of the wider thought they have contributed to their work. They then provided several pieces of art to the exhibition, each with an artist’s statement, which acted together to represent the message or emotion they wished to express. 

'Trump' Stencil on Perspex, Art Exhibition 2019
'Heartless' mixed media, Art Exhibition 2019

Unsurprisingly, considering the progressive nature of their generation, an undercurrent of political and social commentary could be felt throughout the exhibition—on feminism, race, and poverty, in particular. One student created a single sheet of perspex with a stencil art image of President Trump that resembled his "vanity and superficiality". Another piece, Hatschi, depicted a homeless man of the same name, and through his eyes, mirrors the "sadness, strength, and happiness" of homeless life. The second part of this project was called Soul Currency, in which the artist placed a display stand of what they refer to as "soul-dollars", along with a tin to donate real money, for viewer interaction. The aim was for one "soul-dollar" to be taken as a souvenir in exchange for one Euro, which will then be donated to the homeless.

Heartless, a beautiful painting of a Muslim woman in her veil, defends against the media's portrayal of Muslim women, where they are often associated with violence and terrorism. It exposes the paranoia and bigotry of Western mentality in assuming that the "wrongdoings of a few extremists" represent a whole community. The heart she holds near her chest shows that she too is human, and should be treated as such. These are just a few of the many wonderful and thoughtful pieces that were shown at this year’s exhibition. 

'Hatsch' Acrylic on canvas, Art Exhibition 2019
'Soul-Dollars' installation, Art Exhibition 2019

The exhibition opening was a great success, with members of the ISH community and public invited to enjoy a night filled with talent, conversation and appetisers. Opportunities were available to speak to the students themselves, or to their teachers, both of whom were presented with gifts for their exhaustive efforts in organising and preparing for the exhibition. Thank you to Mr. Anderson and Ms. Plagge, as well as to all of the Grade 12 Visual Art students, who have produced work beyond anyone’s expectations. The exhibition proved so popular that it stayed open for an entire week, and every break (even during some class times) there were people in the Aula enjoying what was on show. We look forward to seeing what talent 2020 will have for us! 

IB Exhibition 2019 Slideshow