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Ukraine response


Dear ISH Community,

We are deeply saddened by the events taking place in Ukraine. ISH supports all of those in our community who are directly or indirectly impacted. At the same time, we admire and applaud the efforts of our students, staff, parents and community partners who have educated us about the needs caused by the humanitarian crisis and raised funds, donated and transported needed supplies, and offered their homes to address those needs.  

As an international school, ISH strives to create a safe, caring and inclusive environment where everybody is made to feel welcome, and where everyone belongs. It is our mission to inspire everyone in our learning community to be responsible and compassionate global citizens. In recent weeks our mission has become increasingly visible through the compassionate actions of our staff, students and their families.  

We will continue to support multiple humanitarian aid efforts for those suffering through financial and in-kind donations. To this end I invite you to explore ways you can be involved by browsing through the links found here.

In Solidarity, 

Jamie Otis

Head of School


Donate to a local Relief Organisation

Donate to ISH humanitarian support

Offer housing

Create 'Art for Peace in Ukraine'

Student action