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What happened at Book Week?

Last week, March the 12th to the 18th, Junior School celebrated Book Week a slight departure from the World Read Aloud day held in February this year. The theme was “A Picture Tells a Story” focusing on book illustration and pictorial attributes. An award winning illustrator, Marc Barnes came in and spent a day working with the classes, on sketching, colouring, aligning images with text presenting expressive material on paper.

Students in Junior School brought with them their favourite books and other books to read aloud, share and enact over the course of the week, while the Book Club set up a swapping books table at the school foyer where students were asked to bring in books they no longer needed in return for swapping vouchers which they used to gain other books at the end of the week.

Book Week at the International School of Hamburg    

Book Week at the International School of Hamburg

 Book Week at the International School of Hamburg

In the library, there was a photo booth with 'The Reading Rollercoaster' where students took candid pictures of themselves going through space and time of book illustrations. That proved to be quite a popular activity unsurprisingly. Junior School classes were also challenged by 18 staff members who brought in their favourite books which they used to cover their faces. Students had to use clues and tips to guess who the staff member was!

One of the highlights in the library was our very own student Bella, Grade 10 who's MYP Personal Project was to write and illustrate a children's book. She spoke to Grade 5 students about her book, how to create story maps, mood boards and about computer applications that can be used to create books. The book is now in print and a hard copy was donated to the library. Thank you, Bella!

The week ended with a fitting Book Cafe, simultaneously happening in various rooms of the school bringing to an end a very busy and hugely successful week with students from Primary 1 to Grade 5 happily and excitedly participating and eventually making their own presentations of books they had either worked on or enacting their favourite book characters. 

A big thank you goes to Ms. Beauchamp, Ms. Mausolf, Dr. Weishof, Ms. McAlister, Junior School teachers, assistants and our very own volunteering ISH parents.