Embark on a voyage of learning

Who is Tom Hobbins?

Which countries have you lived in?

I was born in England but grew up in Scotland in a small village outside of Edinburgh. I then studied and lived in Glasgow for nine years until 2015 when I moved to Hamburg. Scotland is an amazing place and you should definitely go there if you get the chance. Aside from the classics of whiskey tours, kilts and mountains, the Glasgow saying ‘People make Glasgow’ applies to all of Scotland. It's the people that make it so special.

One of my great memories is cycling from Lands End to John o' Groats with my flatmate from University. Along the way we visited family and friends from across the country and gathered some great stories. It was a very unplanned adventure without a map. Travelling by bike is such a great way to experience the world and see things from a different perspective. In 2017, I did a similar journey after a move to Hamburg and cycled from Hamburg to London. If you are ever unsure what to do with your time then get on your bike and just go on an adventure… 

What's your favourite film and why?

Lord of the Rings, 2001: A Space Odyssey & any Wes Anderson film. Three very different films/styles but classics nonetheless. Lord of the Rings is what I'm all about, epic out of this world adventures! Whether it's cycling or walking or climbing a mountain, I love an adventure.

2001, I remember seeing at the Glasgow Cineworld when I was 20 years old. I was blown away! No spoilers but I love how it didn't explain anything. The first hour or so you are watching apes smash rocks and by the end you are transported into a black hole? (maybe?)... It's incredible! And it was made in 1968, just incredible.

What sports team do you support?

Tottenham- Along with my dad and my brother, we are Tottenham fans. Let me explain what it means to be a Tottenham fan. It's frustrating, amazing, disappointing, sublime and confusing. 

When I was 17 I had long hair down to my shoulders and side burns because I thought I was John Lennon (definitely wasn't!). We went to see Tottenham play Newcastle. At Newcastle, the away fans are in the top corner of the stand and the pitch is tiny because you are so far away. It took us ages to get to our seats. We were really excited and optimistic... 10 seconds into the game, Tottenham gave a penalty away. 1-0. 2-0. 3-0.

15 years laters I saw Tottenham beat Real Madrid 3-0 in the Champions League, 1 year later I saw Totttenham lose 2-0 in the Champions League final. Life as a Tottenham fan is up and down...

What are your 3 favourite things from Hamburg?

1. The Hamburg Marathon. I've done the marathon twice in Hamburg and one triathlon!! If you haven't done one, do it! It's so much fun and the buzz of the race is unforgettable. Never doubt that you couldn't do it, yes you can! The key is to take small steps at times. Build on mini success moments and just remember, it's a cliche but it gets easier the more you do it. The Hamburg Triathlon is only two months after and is also a fantastic experience.

2. Cycling in Altes Land. When the weather is hot and the sun out, cycle down to Altes Land and maybe you will see the Apple Queen. (Äpfel Königin). Delicious apples and Cider!

3. The Savoy Kino. The place to go if you want to watch films in their original language. On fridays they do a Sneak Preview, in other words you don't know what film you are going to watch before it starts. I saw some great films and some that are worth forgetting. If you love watching and discussing films then check it out!