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Dear ISH Friends,

The goal of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is to contribute in developing the best possible environment within the school community, building around the core values of internationalism, diversity, sharing and caring.

Every parent who enrolls a student at ISH is automatically a member of the PTA and in order to coordinate and carry on the various projects, a Board of Officers is elected every year.

The positions are:

  • Chairperson: Anne Lapins
  • Vice- Chairperson: Fiona Read
  • Treasure: Jodie Edge-Williams
  • Administrative Officer: Jannicke Kitchen
  • Elected Officers: Beverly Jones, Nicole Shields, Ingrid Snow-Segerink, Stefanie Toms, Tosca van Elsen-Renger, Alison Wallace

But what does the PTA actually do?
Thanks to an amazing number of volunteers (parents, faculty and staff) the PTA:

  • organizes fundraising events, social gatherings and fun family activities.
  • provides useful services for the school community.
  • promotes open communication between the parents and the school body.

Pia, ISH mum talks about what the PTA does

A very important example is the Welcome to ISH Team (WISH TEAM) that aims to make every new student and family feel welcome at ISH. This programme also helps new families settle in to Hamburg, providing orientation and information and most importantly friendly faces to rely on.

Have a deeper look at the PTA activities browsing this website section and enter a world of opportunities to make your experience at ISH a rewarding one.
Feel free to contact the PTA at pta@ishamburg.org or to join us at our monthly coffee mornings.

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Your PTA Board