Embark on a voyage of learning


The ISH parent community is a very active one and there are numerous opportunities for parents to be involved in the life of the school.

We are continually hosting, planning or running special programs or events from Poetry and Read Aloud Days, Sports Tournaments to Coffee Mornings with key note speakers. The time and energy of our Volunteers ensures their success and is an asset to our community. There are various ways in which a PTA member (all parents and teachers) can volunteer at ISH.  The PTA will either oversee these events or assist in them and all the help we can get is very useful. Join us!

Here are some of the core positions in volunteering.

  • Class Parent Representatives

Class Parent Representatives (Class Moms/Dads) are an important source of help and support that all the students benefit from. There are 2 to 4 positions available for each class depending on the grade level.

  • classroom assistants

Classroom Assistant at the International School of Hamburg

Here at ISH we are happy to take on volunteering parents who come in and assist us with helping out in the classrooms as well as ECC and Junior School Libraries with activities such as reading to and with children, and art projects as well as organising and assisting in field trips. Many parents enjoy helping out with After-school clubs such as Drama Club and Art Club, assemblies and cultural celebrations. 



  • Country Representatives

The role of the Country Reps is very important in making the new families feel at home and introducing them to school life. Be a proud ambassador of your country! 

  • PTA Board

At the AGM in May, the PTA is elected. The positions available are Chair, Vice Chair, Communication, Treasurer and Elected Officer(s). The PTA organises many big events throughout the year and they are always in need of volunteers to help with setting and clearing up.

  • WISH – Welcome to ISH

The WISH TEAM is committed to welcome and support all families new to ISH community. The role of the WISH TEAM is to contact them on their arrival, to help answer any questions about school and life in Hamburg, and to introduce newcomers to other families. To be contacted by  the WISH TEAM or to volunteer, please do not hesitate to drop an email at wishteam@ishamburg.org.