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In the podcast series "Kids Gone Global"  we embark on a journey to understand how the International School of Hamburg, Germany’s pioneering institution in international education, shapes its students into global citizens and addresses modern education. 

By delving into these topics, be prepared to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences and perspectives of international education experts and how they prepare students to thrive in a globalized world.

Through discussions with students and experts in education, we learn about the school's approach to helping students hone their skills to be ready for the future workplace and confident to actively engage in an increasingly interconnected world.

Episode 1



For this first episode, we delve into the core of the matter : what is the purpose of school today? What skills do students need to learn for their future and how do schools go about teaching them? Our guest, Dr. Alan Knobloch, the Head of the International School of Hamburg will argue that to best prepare citizens of the future who can thrive in an ever-changing global environment, schools should aim to serve the needs of the child as a whole, develop students’ knowledge, their talents but also and increasingly their socio-emotional wellbeing and resilience. How do they go about this? Tune into this podcast to learn more. 

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