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Meet Glib, ISH’s award-winning speedcuber.


Glib of International School of Hamburg is an award-winning Speedcuber

We’ve all picked up that coloured cube at some point in our lives. Many of us tried it out as a toy. Some take it up out of a desire to meet the challenge of arranging all the squares according to colour. According to some reports, the Rubik’s cube was originally designed by its creator, Erno Rubik, to help students understand 3D objects and to aid them in solving the structural problems of moving parts.

One day, while looking for something to occupy his attention, Glib found a cube lying around and he started fiddling with it. He was 13 years old. Unlike many of us who put the cube down after a few attempts, he kept going and searched for information online where he found informative videos and text tutorials. Before long, he had become a competent speedcuber, one who solves the puzzle in the shortest time possible.

Within the same year, he became aware of competitions, including in his home country the Ukraine, which holds an annual National Championship. In the four years since he first picked up the Rubik’s cube, he has competed in Ukraine (four times), Latvia, Germany (four times), U.S.A. and Russia. He has been awarded a gold and bronze medal in Latvia, and three silver medals in Russia and Ukraine. He has reached the podium twice in the Ukrainian Nationals and his personal best time in competitions is 7.88 seconds.

Glib was born in Moscow where he lived for 10 years before moving to Germany. He speaks English, Russian and constantly tries to improve his Ukrainian. He likes to read news articles because he is very interested in Ukrainian politics, and is thinking about studying political science, followed by a career in politics. For sports he plays volleyball but speedcubing remains his main hobby and he wishes he could attend more competitions here and internationally. However, his studies come first as he will be entering the 11th grade next year.

Glib has the philosophy that if it can’t be done, or done right by others, then he will do it himself. Since he cannot enrol in competitions as often as he would like, he decided to bring the competition home. On the 13th and 14th of April he organized a very successful public speedcubing competition here at ISH! Over 116 people participated, coming from as far away as Russia, France, Spain, Iran, Finland and Netherlands amongst many other countries.

Rubiks Competition at the International School of Hamburg
Rubiks Competition at the International School of Hamburg

The participants competed in 9 events, which included cubes of the following dimensions: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 and Pyraminx. There was also a competition for Fewest Moves and Blindfolded Solving. Mika Smulders claimed victory in the main 3x3 event with an average time of 8.08 seconds while Glib finished 10th in the main event.

Glib attributes all of his success to the great support he has received from his family. Well done, Glib!