Embark on a voyage of learning

Mina as Jane Banks of Mary Poppins, the Musical

She was a model for international clothing and food companies, and featured in television commercials but never before had she performed in a musical. However, the sky's the limit for Mina, an 8th grade student at ISH. Having participated in a few minor roles in Junior School plays, Mina heard that there was a casting crew in town looking for young actors for Die Pfefferkörner, a German children’s detective television series. She decided to try her luck. Although she was not chosen for any role, while there she heard that the Mary Poppins musical was also looking for young actors. As is always the case with these productions, there were many applicants and it came as a surprise to her when, from over 100 young people who auditioned, she was short-listed. After several gruelling sessions with the other finalists, Mina was offered the role of Jane Banks in the popular musical showing in Hamburg. And then the hard work began.


She attended training sessions in the evenings, three to four times a week, for four months before finally stepping onto the stage. Once she began acting, towards the end of summer, she was required to attend only one training session and to perform as many as three nights a week. However, she was taken aback by how much hard work the job of acting involves. The role of Jane Banks, that of “an arrogant brat” as Mina puts it, was quite challenging because it involved being in character at all times during the performance. She had to perfect her facial expressions, which she did with much help from her coaches. She also had to try out different poses in front of mirrors. Many times she found herself working out solutions in her mind about the best ways to improve and to meet her coaches' expectations. But she enjoyed the whole experience of show business and loved her crew who taught her a lot, including how to overcome her stage fright. Most importantly she had fun!

Mina is a busy girl. Apart from keeping up with her academic requirements, she is an avid equestrian who has taken part in many young people’s show jumping competitions such as the one held at the Derbypark in Klein Flottbek. Her current horse Emma, a Deutsche Reitpony (German Riding Pony) is only 8 years old and has only just started competing and Mina is already aiming at 70 to 100cm jumps. She usually goes to the stables to groom her horse, feed her and do some practise sessions on a daily basis. Other times she can be seen on the school sports grounds playing volleyball, basketball and soccer for NECIS tournaments. 

In all, over the summer, her days ended at around half-past ten after practising with her horse, training and acting in a popular musical, Mary Poppins. To keep up with homework and other school requirements she learnt to have good organisational skills, planning ahead and prioritising - a milestone in itself. In her spare time, her favourite thing to do is hanging out with friends and just having the good old chilled out time. We wish Mina all the best in her pursuits now and in the future.