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Ms. Bateson's Math book endorsed by IBO

Rita, our Secondary School Head of Maths Department, is the author of the MYP 4+5 Mathematics book for grades 9 and 10. This is the first math book that is endowed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation for MYP 4+5 and from now on can be used for Middle Year Programme lessons all over the world.

We asked Rita about her motivation for writing.

“When I was working at the IB, schools were crying out for a book that was conceptual, driven by inquiry and true to the IB philosophies, not just more skills and drills!,” says Rita. “I am so pleased and proud of this series of books and hope it will support teachers and students around the world as the only IB endorsed textbook. The activities and exercises are all grounded in real world mathematics and relevant to the critical thinking and numeracy that students will need in their future lives. It is also extremely satisfying to see our students engage with the material and benefit from the MYP features.”

Rita is far from done: She is already preparing the final steps to handover MYP Mathematics books for MYP 1, 2 & 3 (Grades 6,7 and 8).

Congratulations, Rita on this fantastic achievement!