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Hosting Oyster catchers

Hosting Oyster catchers

When visiting ISH campus you may have heard the high-pitched, sharp and incisive bird calls. They belong to a very special pair of guests at the school.

Since 2019 ISH is proud to be hosting a pair of Oyster catchers on our ECC green roof.

Every year, the returning mating pair build a nest in the same spot on the roof carefully maintained by ISH staff. Under the guidance of Martin, our in-house Ornithologist, the team takes care of them and works to provide a conducive habitat that protects the birds. 

In order to inspire and encourage future ornithologists and bird lovers in our community, the IT team shared this video to the students and the community. This also raised awareness of the school impact on wildlife. 

In June 2022, eggs hatched and the team live-streamed the new chicks to the learning portals and monitors around the school prompting an enthusiastic response from the community. 

This year they are back and in the quiet times when school is closed, you should be able to glimpse them tapping at the ECC and cafeteria windows or hearing them the pair “ploolee-yoolit” or “kvee-veepp” to each other.