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ISH adopts a Sustainability Policy


In May 2023, ISH adopted its environemental sustainability policy.The purpose of this policy is to establish an environmental sustainability framework for the International School of Hamburg (ISH) that aligns with the school's vision, mission, and priorities for sustainable consumption. The policy aims to promote responsible stewardship of the environment and encourage the ISH community to adopt sustainable habits. The policy affects faculty, administrative staff, senior management, and students.

Environmental sustainability is defined as the balance between social, economic, and environmental aspects of everyday actions that respect the world's natural resources and the needs of current and future generations.

The policy outlines several general principles that the school community should strive to achieve, including fostering environmental consciousness and sustainability, reducing the school's carbon footprint and related travel, improving resource efficiency, and protecting the biodiversity around the school.

The policy applies to all activities related to the ISH Vision, Values, and Mission, in line with the development of global citizens. The policy sets specific objectives and targets for the school community to achieve in various areas, such as education, procurement, travel, waste reduction, and energy use in school buildings.

Under the education objective, the policy mandates school-wide environmental sustainability education that adheres to global best practices. Procurement decision-making must consider eco-friendly impacts as one of several factors, alongside initial cost, quality, durability, running costs, management, and disposal issues.

Regarding travel, journeys undertaken on school business should justify the most eco-responsible means of transportation available. The policy commits the school community to reducing food, paper, and packaging waste and promoting reuse and recycling.

Finally, the policy requires the school community to improve the overall energy performance of the school building, particularly electricity and heating. The school will also seek to adjust the consumption behavior of the community to reduce energy waste. The Head of School will ensure regular reporting on the policy's implementation to the ISH community, with the aim of identifying opportunities and making necessary adjustments.

The policy is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which promote sustainable practices and environmental conservation worldwide.