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Service Expo at ISH

ISH Service Expo: Active locally, Thinking Globally

One of our guiding statements at ISH refers to creating a learning environment in which students respect and embrace an ever-growing, interconnected global society and to recognize the value of service to others. As such, we believe internationally-minded individuals listen to other voices, strive to see the world through others’ eyes, look beyond their own horizons, respect themselves, their community and environment on a local and global level and take action to make the world a better place.

Service at International School of Hamburg

Finn, Jay and Lukas at Junior School raised funds for the Winternotprogramm, Hamburg

Many projects, activities and service programmes, old and new, are active at ISH starting beginning with Junior School where students involve themselves in service to the community. Junior School Council organizes fundraising activities where proceeds go towards a hospice. Grade 5 students hold Bake sales and raise money for good causes like winter shelters for the homeless. Junior School Choir holds free concerts at homes for the elderly. Clearly, it is never too early for young citizens of the world to take action on behalf of others.

To help our community become better aware of the many service projects in the Secondary School, the Service Expo is held twice a year in the Aula. Clubs and activities are showcased and students can sign up and be a part of them.  Usually around 20 clubs participated, all of them part of IB CAS or MYP Service Programmes. Student turnout was larger than ever, many already knowing what they wanted to be a part of and others willing to try out new experiences.

Clubs and Projects

Community Service at ISHKids4Kids Supervisor, Ms. Plegge introducing the project to a student
Community Service at ISH

Greenish stand at Service Expo


Community Service at ISH

Love Library stand at the Service Expo


Community Service at ISH

UNDP stand at the Service Expo


​ Community Service at ISH

Tanzania Project stand at the Service Expo


​ Community Service at ISH

Afterschool Kids Club stand at the Servcie Expo