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Welcome to the ISH libraries, where our community connects to inquire, to discover and to collaborate! They consist of the Saalfeld Family Library and the ECC Library.

The Saalfeld Family Library features: 

  • large, open space of 348,2m² with vast amounts of natural light inside of and an outside reading terrace. 
  • ample seating and lounging areas for students to study or collaborate in Maker-space areas, Boardgames, as well as exhibit areas like the "Roahl Dahl Shed" (slide show soon to come)

The Saalfeld Family Library also takes donations. Please contact the Library Staff for more details about donating to the Library.

In collaboration with our local Lehmann's Booksellers, the Library holds Bookfairs in Spring and Fall and all proceeds go towards increase and enhancing the library resources.

Junior School

Junior School Library features:

  • large fiction section with beginning to read books and a robust picture book area
  • Gruffulo's Forest, a mural covering 2 walls and featuring over 12 well-known literary characters
  • non-fiction books supporting learning topics in the classroom as well as student interests
  • a flexible, instructional area featuring a SMARTBoard

Secondary School

Secondary School features:

  • large, open space with vast amounts of natural light inside and an outside reading garden
  • ample seating areas for students to study or collaborate
  • a comprehensive study center with a copier, reference materials and a well-developed Theory of Knowledge (TOK) collection
  • online resources such as databases and periodicals that are curated and continually maintained by library staff
  • connected to our Media Lab which has 21 desktop computers

The ECC Library

The ECC Library is located on the ground floor, in the ECC corridor, and is easily accessible for the ECC students.


  • a collection of carefully selected, age-appropriate books, including a board book section

  • a comfortable seating area, where the library storytime takes place

  • light tables and chairs for students to work and create

  • a collection of stuffed animals and puppets for playtime

  • a SMARTBoard


Junior School Library

               Junior School Library

Secondary School Library

            Secondary School Library


The ECC Library

                  The ECC Library