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Practice to Please the neighbors !

As a tenant you have the right to play an instrument in your dwelling, even if you live in a multiple dwelling. I’ve listed a website below, but here are the basic guidelines in Hamburg. 

  • don’t play before 8:00, between 13:00 and 15:00, or after 22:00 
  • for loud instruments (sax or trumpet): don’t play longer than 1–2 hours per day nor after 20:00 
  • on Sunday you can practice for an hour 
  • Instruments should be played at “Zimmerlautstärke = room noise level.” The courts have problems defining this. Probably anything that is louder than 40 db in your neighbor’s apartment is considered too loud. 
  • any clause in the apartment lease that forbids playing an instrument is void. 

Practical Tips! 

  • try to find the room in your apartment that has the least reverberation (carpets and curtains help) and is the farthest from your neighbor’s apartment 
  • try to avoid practicing when most neighbors are home 
  • is there an area in the basement that you can pad up and practice in? 

Click on this website and take a look.

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