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Student Ambassadors


Our ISH Student Ambassadors are a diverse group of really cool kids who help new students or students moving up from Junior School to Secondary School find their way smoothly and comfortably, by introducing them to life at ISH. Each student at ISH is a valued member of the community and the ambassadors ensure that none is left out, lost or too confused especially in their first weeks at school. 

Emily talking about Student Ambassadors

The Ambassadors take new students on a school tour, hang out with them during lunch or break times, ensure that they are not alone by assigning buddies, answer questions they may have about school or living in Hamburg, language and cultural differences and generally make new students feel cared for, loved and welcomed.

The Ambassadors work together with ISH WISH Team especially during Orientation Days, but also in collaboration with the Student Council where they organise many activities all round that keep the spirit of the community high.