Embark on a voyage of learning


"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." - Malcom X 

Student Life

At the International School of Hamburg, the phrase “Student Life” encompasses a world of possibilities for every child.

Our goal is for each of our students to feel a sense of engagement and belonging within the school community. There is no better way for this to become a reality than through the experience of being part of a team, a club, or an activity

Our Extra-Curricular Activities Programme (ECAP) is the portal through which our students gain access to a myriad of opportunities for self-development, new skills and just plain fun! Through this programme, a younger person can learn a new musical instrument (e.g. the Music Enrichment Programme); play a team or individual sport (see Athletics) for the first time; make a new friend; or discover a hobby that can become a life-long interest.

Our school Mission Statement refers to developing potential, fostering understanding, showing respect toward others, enjoying learning and taking personal responsibility. All of these critical attributes of a well-rounded learner are nurtured through the spirit of teamwork and cooperation which come with being part of a group that shares a common objective and a common set of values.

At ISH we seek through our extra-curricular activities to encourage not only skills and interests, but also to develop ethical decision-makers who are able to place the needs of the group ahead of those of any single individual. Our activities programme and community projects allows students to make mistakes, take risks, and maybe even step outside their comfort zone—all while being supervised by caring and skilled adults.