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West wing grand opening




Certainly there is no lack of events at ISH. Something is always going on somewhere, be it the International Fair, the School Musical, the Taste of the Globe, the Welcome BBQ, or the Music Enrichment Concerts.

However, not since the move to its current home at Hemmingstedter Weg half a decade ago has ISH undertaken a project as significant as the West Wing. It is a result of the decision to grow as a school because the excellent international education ISH provides is needed by the ever-increasing number of expatriates that arrives in the continuously growing and diversifying City of Hamburg. In addition, the West Wing allows for more differentiation in programmes and classrooms, and creates room for additional pedagogic initiatives and new concepts of learning.

The successful completion of such a project warranted a special kind of celebration, which took place on August 29. It certainly was a joyful and memorable day for the approx. 800 invited guests that joined the festivities.

Agenda of the day

10:45 – 11:30

11:00 – end of Ceremony
Care for children aged 3-6 in the ECC

11:00 – 16:00
Kids Entertainment at the back of the school building and in the West Wing gym hall

11:00 – 11:30
Guided Tours of the West Wing from the Foyer


approx. 11:30 – approx. 13:00

Ceremony featuring student music performances and distinguished speakers in the Aula

Mrs. Anke Frieling, PhD 
Chair of the Board of Directors
Mr. Andreas Swoboda
Head of School

Ms. Vyvian Nguyen
Student Board President

Mr. Olaf Scholz
First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Ms. Nancy Corbett
U.S. Consul General to Hamburg

Mr. Gunnar Gross
General Secretary, Airbus Operations GmbH

Mr. Jakob von Uexkull
Founder of the Right Livelihood Awards and the World Future Council
ISH Alumnus

Presented by: Mr Andrew Cross, Secondary School Principal


After the ceremony
Catered lunch by Tafelspitz in the Cafeteria and the front of the school

13:00 - 15:00
Guided Tours starting from the Foyer : Entire School or West Wing 

13:00 – 16:00
Alumni Reception in the West Wing Multipurpose Room (1st Floor)
(ISH current & former staff and Alumni only)
Alumni sports activities 

grand tour of the west wing

The construction of the West Wing started at the beginning of July 2014. Total construction cost is €8.9 million, which includes a generous subsidy of €2.4 million by the Senate of Hamburg. Guests were treated to a guided tour through the new 3-story West Wing, which will add 3,100sq m of building ground surface dedicated to:

  • Room for 200-250 new students, thus taking ISH’s max capacity up to approx. 950-1.000 students
  • 12 new regular and 2 natural sciences classrooms
  • One 27x16m gym hall with wooden floor and wooden side-impact paneling, including a 26x15m basketball court with 5 shooting stations, a volleyball court, 3 badminton courts, electrically operated gymnastic rings, ropes, 2 electrically operated multi-functional climbing frames, a scoreboard and a full range of portable equipment. The new gym hall will add to the already existing double gym hall in the main building
  • A fitness studio featuring 3 running machines, 2 cross-trainers, 2 rowing-machines, 2 cycles, free weights, a weight machine with 4 stations and a designated area for stretching
  • A 161.5 sqm multipurpose room for meetings, examinations, conferences and dance lessons (one wall equipped with mirrors)
  • Various offices, meeting-, locker- and storage rooms

In addition to the West Wing, ISH’s sports facilities surrounding the artificial outdoor grass soccer pitch will be expanded by:

  • A 100m tartan surface 4-lane running track. The track will be marked out for sprinting, hurdles and relays
  • 2 long jump/triple jump areas with a tartan run-up
  • High jump, discus, shot put and ball throwing facilities
  • A permanent volleyball court
  • A street-soccer court with artificial grass and surrounding fence
  • An additional basketball/soccer/volleyball court as an addition to the current existing multi-purpose sports area

ISH is very proud of these additions as they allow further improvements to the already excellent international education it provides. 

Would you like to learn more? Contact press@ishamburg.org