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gateway to the world

Welcome to Hamburg, Germany’s 2nd largest city with nearly 1.8 million inhabitants. Many of them call it “Die schönste Stadt der Welt” (the most beautiful city in the world) or “Perle” (pearl) after a famous song by local singer songwriter Lotto King Karl. There are many reasons why Hamburg is beloved by its citizens. In a 2017 survey it was voted one of the world's most liveable cities. The city is, indeed, famous for its tolerance and open-mindedness - symbolized by the gate in its crest, which has earned it the title "Tor zur Welt" (gateway to the world).

European Green Capital 

Another reason for Hamburg's popularity is that it is manageable and cozy despite its many residents. Its center and its most important neighbourhoods (Kieze) can still be explored by foot and the remainder can easily be reached using one of the ubiquitos bicycles or the outstanding public transportation system. The fact that about 15% of the city is made up of parks enhances Hamburg's attractiveness even further. Two of the most beautiful ones, the "Botanischer Garten" (botanical gardens) and the "Jenischpark" happen to be very close to the International School of Hamburg, which is located in a particularly green area next to an idyllic pond, the "Ziegelteich". Both its greenery and its many green initiatives earned Hamburg the title "European Green Capital" in 2011.

Video by Simon, Grade 11, ISH Film Team

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