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"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one" - Malcolm Forbes

The ISH Team

The ISH team is everyone - from our Head of School to teachers, assistants, bookkeepers, facilities and many more.

We are more than 150 members of faculty and staff from over 20 nations. Some of us have been at ISH for 30 years whilst others have just recently joined the school, but we all share the same goals:  To provide your children with an international education that seeks to develop their full potential, to foster understanding, respect for others, freedom of thought and expression, enjoyment of learning and personal responsibility.

On this page you have the chance to get to know some of our staff team a little bit better!

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Use the 'Keyword' section below to look for a specific member of staff. If you leave the 'Keyword' section blank and select one of the school's departments by using the 'Location' field, you get an overview of our team working in the specific areas. Please note that for privacy reasons, there are some ISH Team members missing on this page.

The ISH Team

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Imke Jahnke

Junior School German Teacher

Laura Jakubowski

ECC/Junior School Integrated Technology Coach

Dagmar Jenohr

Secretary to the Head of School

Alison Johnston

Head of the English Department, Teacher of English

Michael Kent

IB CP Coordinator, Humanities Teacher

André Kinzel

House Technician

Andreas Klimkeit

Junior School IPC Coordinator, Head of JS German

Alan Knightbridge

Head of the Science Department, Teacher of Biology

Krysten Koehn

Teacher of Visual Arts and MYP Design

Elzbieta Koziel

Junior School Librarian

Lothar Krebs

Network and IT Manager

Anna Krupska

Finance Manager

Anita Kumar


Marsha Lenz

Junior School Classroom Teacher

Samuel Lovett

Junior School Math Coach, JS Teacher

Claudia Lüdecke

Teacher of Mathematics Secondary School

Elisha Menon

Junior School Classroom Teacher

Michael Meston

Teacher of Junior School EAL

Margaret Metzler

Admissions Officer

Charlotte Meyer zu Natrup

Teacher of English, Secondary School

Tanja Mischke

HR Manager

Annette Müller

School Nurse

Karolin Mutzel

Admissions Officer

Annegret Neukamm

Head of Physical Education Department

Des O'Sullivan

Teacher of Individuals and Societies and Geography, 6-8th Grade Level Coordinator, Personal Project Coordinator

Jamie Otis

Head of School

Leah Ottewill

Teacher of English Language and Literature, English Language Acquisition (ELA) Secondary School

Ellie Pankhurst

Secondary School Science Teacher

JoAnna Pegesa

ECC Coordinator, Classroom Teacher

Gus Peterson

Teacher of Individuals & Societies, Economics, Geography, TOK, Grades 9 - 10 Level Coordinator, CAS Coordinator

Maria Agnese Pistoia

Secondary School Secretary

Horatiu Pop

Teacher of Physics, Secondary School

Tracey Rabbitts

Junior School Assistant Principal, JS Teacher

Hannah Richardson

Teacher of EAL, Head of EAL Department

Kaja Ritters

Junior School German Teacher

Jennifer Roberge-Renaud

Junior School Classroom Teacher

Nicola Robertz

Travel Organizer and Purchase Officer

Elena Rodriguez

Teacher of Spanish, Secondary School

Vania Ronchese

ECC Classroom Assistant

Torben Schaff

I.T. Helpdesk