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Our school Vision is to develop aware, capable and confident global citizens empowered to address the major challenges of the XXI century. Climate change is one of them.

Whilst ISH students have been running ecological initiatives for decades, in 2022 we decided to step up the effort school-wide.  Led by a small but passionate group of students, parents, Alumni and ISH staff, Let's Green ISH  drives our effort to help ISH make a difference – ecologically – for our community.  




Please refer to this page regularly to learn about our projects in progress. If you want to volunteer your time, ideas or expertise to help carry out our goals, please register here.


Our goals

  1. Involve ISH’s community (students, parents, staff) in environmental issues and actions
  2. Help make ISH’s facilities and operations eco-friendly
  3. Inspire creative green solutions and wise use of resources on and off the campus

Latest News