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Tuition & Fees

ISH is a non-for profit school and its running costs are covered by tuition fees. These are set each year by the school's Board of Trustees.

Fee Schedule 2022-23

The annual Tuition Fee depends on the grade level and is set out as indicated below:

Grade EURO
Primary 1 ( 3 years old) 11.270
Primary 2 (4 years old) 12.140
Primary 3 (5 years old) 13.810
Grade 1-2 (6-7 years old) 17.660
Grade 3-5 (8-10 years old) 18.690
Grade 6-8 (11-13 years old) 20.040
Grade 9-10 (14-15 years old) 21.130
Grade 11-12 (16-18 years old) 21.970

Fees are non-refundable, even in cases of emergency or unforeseen closure. Exception is made for early departure as per the pro-rating scale in section 7 of the Schedule of Fees.

The following services are included in the tuition fees:

  • English language development (EAL programme) as well as mild and moderate learning support
  • All curricular activities, including class field trips (including overnight trips) for whole-grade trips and 40% for subject-specific trips (geography, visual arts)
  • Access to 6 science labs, a design workshop, 2 theatre studios, 2 visual art studios and a pottery oven.
  • Access to all services within the school's counselling, college and career programme
  • Lifelong membership to our global alumni community
  • Use of specialised equipment for physical education and outdoor activities
  • Access to state-of-the-art playground and student pedagogical garden
  • one copy of the yearbook per child

Financial Aid

As an international school, ISH exists to serve the educational needs of families whose employment brings them to Hamburg and who wish their children to have an English-language education. 

Up to 25% of students at the International School of Hamburg, whose families face financial constraints, can be admitted under certain conditions. The purpose of this programme is to ensure social diversity and to make the International School of Hamburg accessible to students with the interest and need for an international education, but who are unable to pay the full tuition. Entry under the 25% Clause is not automatic and depends upon the admission requirements set by the Board of the International School of Hamburg.  

For further information about the program and application form, please contact the Admissions Office.