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Students follow an established and research-based programme of study.

Tuition Fees

Fees are set on an annual basis by the Board of Directors of ISH.

The application fee is to be paid at the time of application. Other fees are to be paid by 1 August of each school year. An instalment payment plan can be arranged. If an application is received after 1 August, all fees must be paid in full as stated in the invoice.

Fees are non-refundable, even in cases of emergency or unforeseen closure. Exception is made for early departure as per the pro-rating scale in section 5 of the Schedule of Fees.

Up to 25% of students at the International School of Hamburg, whose families face financial constraints, can be admitted under certain conditions with reduced fees.

For further information, please refer to our comprehensive Schedule of Fees to the right or contact Admissions.

On the right side: Schedule of Fees 2017/2018 and the value of an ISH education.

The value of an ISH education

The International School of Hamburg is a non-profit organisation. This means that we are free to provide the best educational experience we can. Our non-profit status allows us to responsibly manage all funds in school without benefitting external shareholders.

An International Curriculum

An International Curriculum

Offering the IB and the IPC, we enable students to grow into curious learners who feel comfortable wherever their journey of life takes them. 

A truly international environment

An International Environment

With more than 50 nations represented in school, our students experience different cultures, religions and beliefs on a daily basis. 

A dedicated, experienced and international teaching staff

A dedicated, experienced and international teaching staff

Our staff & faculty comes from all over the world and regularly goes the extra mile to make sure that our students grow into caring, responsible and curious citizens of the world. 

Small class sizes and a variety of
extra-curricular activities

Small Class sizes and a variety of extra-curricular activities

Class sizes are depending on the grade level between 12 to 24 students and our more than 50 Extra-Curricular Activities offer something for everybody.


ISH is recognized as an "allgemeinbildende Ergänzungsschule" (a private, independent school providing general primary/secondary education). 30% of fees (tuition plus capital fees plus registration fee) for children in Grades 1-12 are tax-deductible as "Sonderausgaben" (extraordinary expenses).

Early-Childhood Centre

Additional benefits reimbursed to you or paid on your behalf by your employer are normally treated as taxable income (geldwerter Vorteil). Fees for pre-school children are not treated as taxable income under the following conditions:

  • At least one parent must be employed and subject to income tax.
  • The employer of the tax-paying parent agrees to provide the required fees as additional remuneration together with the regular monthly salary.
  • The employer pays the fees for the children directly to ISH-The employer reimburses the fees to the employee upon presentation of the ISH invoice paid by the employee.
  • The fees paid to ISH may consist only of expenses for the accommodation and supervision of children.

Not included in the above are:

  • Transportation expenses or instructional costs.

The expenses must be incurred exclusively for pre-school children. The applicable legal regulations can be found in Section 3 No. 33 of the German Income Tax Law and Paragraph 21a of the Wage Tax Law.

If you employ the services of a tax advisor, he/she will advise you further, or your are welcome to call our Business Director, Vera Behrning, at +49 (0) 8000 50 126