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Our Parents

At ISH we  believe that it takes a team behind each successful student: the student, the teacher and the parents. We also understand that it is not easy to enter a new school, a new system and even often a new country - so we do everything we can to ensure that you feel welcome to the community at once.

"It is the parents continued dedication, commitment and engagement which makes the our school community a major part of the ISH experience."ALAN KNOBLOCH, HEad of School-


As soon as your child becomes a student at ISH, your family becomes part of the ISH Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Led by parents in our community, the PTA has a mission to build a well-informed school community where all families are welcomed, all families are encouraged to participate, and all nationalities are celebrated. The PTA hosts many activities and events throughout the year to connect, engage and support our community.